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Teens & Young People 

Empowering and Improving Young People's access to specialist therapeutic services to enable them to live more independent, happier and fulfilling lives.

The latest report by the Children's Society has estimated that in 2017; 185,000 young people aged between 10-17 were referred to specialist mental health services but only 79,000 received treatment. 

So that means that approximately 110,000 young people who were suffering with their emotional and mental health were deemed not serious enough!

That is an astonishing amount of young people who have been left with no support for their emotional and mental health needs. 

At OPEN BOOK COUNSELLING we specialise in working with young people by giving them a voice which is heard without criticism or judgement. 

We offer young people the time and space set aside to build a lasting and trusting relationship which enables them to explore with their counsellor whatever they are struggling with at this present time or historically; working in the here and now.

Youth counselling sessions are for 50 minutes and the first session will normally entail a thorough assessment of why they have accessed counselling and what they feel their needs are; both of which will be reviewed periodically.

The length of time counselling takes; depends on the young person and their needs; as they are all unique in their journey towards healing and personal exploration

Some young people prefer a time limited service, whilst others find comfort in the knowledge that they have someone who they can rely on every week to share their personal thoughts and feelings with in confidence long term.

As a professional member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) our work with young people is underpinned with an Ethical Framework which puts young people first at the heart of their therapy and offers them a place to raise any concerns they may have about a therapist in the strictest confidence; thus eliminating in the occurrence of harm or abuse.

OPEN BOOK COUNSELLING is also registered with the Information Commissioners Office to give young people peace of mind that we are only processing and storing their personal information with a legitimate business interest and that they have the right to see any information we hold about them. 

If you are a young person and want to book your first counselling session with us; please feel free to contact us for a no obligation chat about how you feel we can support you. 

If you are an organisation that wants to refer a young person for specialist therapeutic services; then please get in contact and check out our commissioned services to Park Lodge Project in Leicester City.


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