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Coming Soon!


Helping you access the power of your own mind to enable positive and sustainable change.

As a professional and out of pure curiosity; I am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and skillset as a counsellor and therapist.

So this year I am embarking into the world of Hypnotherapy!


Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to work on deep rooted issues and trauma; as well as addressing any thoughts, feelings and behaviours which clients may be struggling to change in their conscious state.

A lot of people may well be nervous of engaging on hypnotherapy for various reasons; namely fear. 


But we hypnotise ourselves every single day; at various times. 

Every time we daydream; we are under hypnosis!

Every time we imagine; we are in a hypnotic state.

I will announce appointments soon; feel free to make enquiries with me in the meantime. 


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