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Imagine taking a walk in the forest; right now.

Feel the earth and leaves under your feet, the snap of twigs as you slowly walk along the wooded path.

Listen to the birdsong and look up through the breaks in the rustling canopy of trees to the sky above, noticing how the sun light filters through to a point just further along the path as you hear the leaves rustling all around you.

Now breathe in deeply; and imagine the distinct smells of the forest aromas; moss, sap, earth and wood.

And relax as you take in all of the sensations calming your mind, body and spirit. 

Shinrin-yoko otherwise known as forest and nature-based therapy is a very gentle practice that involves talking whilst walking very slowly and mindfully through the forest, woodland, canal path or local park; taking in the natural environment with all of our different senses. 

As beautiful as nature is; there are also incredible health benefits associated with spending time outdoors such as;

  • Boosting our immune systems by increasing our natural killer cells, a type of white blood cell, that helps fight off infections and cancer.

  • Lower levels of blood pressure and lower heart rate in only 15 minutes

  • Stabilising and improving your mood and brain functioning

  • Reducing the feelings of anxiety and depression

  • Increase creativity and problem solving


With many GPs now looking to traditional ways of treating mental and emotional health; knowing the benefits of spending time outdoors; is it any wonder they are now referring clients to local Shinrin-yoko practitioners.

Each session is payable in advance £55 at the time of booking and lasts for 1 hour

Sessions are conducted in a natural setting which is close to you and convenient for you to get to; taking into account any local amenities and transport links. 

As the UK weather is always unpredictable! 

It is advisable to wear suitable walking shoes and have rain-proof clothing on hand just in case.

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