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What is Counselling

and what does it feel like? 

Counselling is an opportunity for you to build your trust in an intimate, consistent  and therapeutic relationship with someone who is authentic, trustworthy and real.

Counselling is a process of talking about and working through your personal problems, fears and whatever else is causing you distress or unhappiness in your life at present.

At first you may feel uneasy, or nervous as it is a new environment and you may not be used to talking about yourself with someone who from the beginning feels like a stranger; or may never have been given the opportunity to focus on yourself. 

Some clients feel they need to tell their 'whole life story' to their counsellor to give the counsellor some background into how the client came to be where they are in their life; and if this helps then great. Whereas others may feel like they don't know where to start and may feel reluctant to talk. 

For some people, just the process of telling their story to a counsellor, and being listened to, is helpful enough; as you no longer feel alone with your thoughts and feelings. 

My role as your counsellor is to create a confidential environment where you feel safe, relaxed and listened to. I will not judge or criticise you for the choices you have made now or in the past. 

This means that everything you discuss with me is private. However as your counsellor I have a duty of care to share something that gives me real reason to believe that there is a real threat your well being or the well being of others; such as children or vulnerable adults. This legal requirement will be explained to you in our first counselling session.


In our sessions I will help you to address your problems by supporting you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop new strategies and increase self-awareness. I work with the understanding that 'knowledge is power' and the more you understand what is happening to you; the more empowered you feel to get back control of your life. 


As your counsellor I am there for you at the same time every week and I will aim to be a consistent and reliable source of knowledge and healing and continue to be there for you until you feel that you are ready to stand on your own two feet again and embrace the world your way, by your rules.

Too many people avoid going to counselling due to a number of reasons; and it's scary admitting to yourself that you need help and you're struggling with whatever is causing you distress in your life right now. 

Due to stigma; people feel that they can only access counselling when they're at breaking point. When in fact you can access counselling whenever you feel you need to. Counselling should feel as natural as going to see your GP for a broken toe!

So let's challenge those stigmas and fears surrounding your mental and emotional health and allow yourself the opportunity for the the first time on your life to put your needs first. 

Counselling is in essence the greatest investment you can make in yourself!

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